Business Function Examples

Customer Service

The ability to have an instant picture of call response, time of call, call resolution and resource allocation. Grading of service quality and customer satisfaction and viewing against preset benchmarks or agains previous quarter, year etc


Reporting on items including aged debtor days, credit note issuance, income v expenditure, EBITDA and measuring against preset budgets / forecasts or against the same period last year. Purchasing and vendor performance.

Human Resources

People - are they in the right location / department at the right time and for the correct purpose. How is the organisation perceived by the employees ? Training adoption and needs analysis. Salary benchmarking and market demands.


Measuring the quality of service delivery both internal and external. Project management. Resource allocation.


Can be used to display competitor analysis, measuring progress for a product launch or feedback from market research.


Real time reporting of production status. Monitoring of material ordering and stock control through to full end to end supply chain reporting. Analysis of efficiencies, quality and other key deliverables.


Analysis and display of KPI's including Revenue & Margin by product, business unit or person, versus last year and budget or forecast. Can include such things as activity levels and customer contact metrics.

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